Shade Sails by Rader Awning have become a popular addition to residential, educational, and commercial outdoor spaces.

Drive around Santa Fe or Albuquerque and chances are you’ll see plenty of your neighbors enjoying the cool shade that shade sails deliver. A sun shade sail is a wide piece of fabric designed to provide an outdoor space with protection from the sun and rain. These shade cloths can be square, rectangular or triangular in shape and can block a significant amount of UV radiation.

Sun Shade Cloth for Commercial Use

Business owners know that our bright New Mexico sun can be difficult to hide from. Though many citizens of Albuquerque and Santa Fe enjoy spending time outdoors, unfortunately, some of the areas they prefer do not provide adequate protection from the sun. Thankfully, Rader Awning has a reliable solution that is applicable in virtually any space: shade sails.

The shade cloth is a popular installation in public spaces where customers, employees or families gather. Some businesses install sun shade cloths around the office to give their employees comfortable places to have lunch outdoors while many schools and childcare facilities will place shade sails in their outdoor playgrounds to provide children with a safe space to play away from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Whether it’s in a recreational park or a corporate compound, these are vital tools that can be used everywhere.

Sun Shade Sail for Residential Use

Sun shade sails work great for businesses and they are perfect for residential use as well. Many homeowners have outdoor spaces that are either detached from the home or that are not covered by an awning. For instance, some homeowners have seating on their patio to enjoy outdoor meals. Other families have a play area for children far from the edges of their house. In both cases, installing a shade cloth can transform a typically hot area into a cool place to relax. They also make fantastic additions above any swimming pool, sandbox, or jungle gym.

Shade Sails from Rader Awning

Our New Mexico weather is meant to be enjoyed! Sun shade sails from Rader Awning are the ideal solution for homes, offices, and businesses looking for a shading solution that accommodates their unique outdoor space. For years, Rader Awning & Upholstery Inc. has provided Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe residents with the best shading products for their residential and commercial properties. Call Rader Awning today and discover how shade cloths can benefit your property.